Hey there!

My name is Dave Bennett. I'm a user experience and web designer based in the South West.
Have a look through my website and feel free to drop me a message or follow me on Twitter.

UX design:

My main focus is UX and ID. I design my websites with a strong focus on these things. I aim to create things useful as well as beautiful.

Digital design:

I can create designs from scratch starting with wireframes all the way to building the site. I have also designed letterheads and business cards.

Front end design:

I have good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS and know a small amount of JavaScript and PHP. I also have experience of using and maintaining content management systems like Wordpress.

User research:

I have experience in observing and teaching users as well as gathering insights using alternative methods of primary research. I also have some experience transcribing interviews.

Tristan Adams - Photographer

This was a paid web design for a local photographer. What was different about this project is it was the first time I had used Wordpress as a content management system. I used and edit a theme to make the website look unique and learnt a lot about how to create a website using this framework. The client is really happy with the outcome and uses this as their portfolio and customer touch point. It's also fully responsive to be displayed on various devices.

Social Pairing - Energy app

I had a project that was about behavioural change. Due to my previous job at an energy company I chose to try and get users to use less energy. I conducted research and interviews and designed an app that pairs you with a stranger to save energy. The idea was that social pressures would incentivise people far more than if they had nobody to let down. the final product is a wire frame prototype that's converted to a PDF.

Marion Adams - Proofreader

This was a website I did for a local proofreader in Devon. It is one of my more recent paid jobs and I still work closely with the client in updating aspects of the website. This job had heavy focus on not only the design and UX but also the text and wording. I learnt a lot about this aspect of web design from the client and I feel it's an element that is often overlooked by designers.

Click Start - Web lessons

As my final year project at University I created a website that helped elderly people use the web. I conducted multiple user interviews and tests and also volunteered to be an IT tutor to the elderly. I found tutoring very rewarding and continued it in the second semester even after i had finished the research phase of the project. This project was mostly research based and the final product is just a basic prototype. It also allowed me to experiment with PHP and using cookies.


I'm a graduate of the University of the West of England with a 2:1 degree in Web Design. I have also created websites for paying clients in the past. Download my CV to have a closer look at my education or experience.