Designing for apathy

Designing for apathy.     Most people are apathetic about at least some things.   I currently work in a phone shop and I see this all the time. I’ll ask people what phone they’d like and most people either don’t care or maybe only have a brand they’d like. At first this struck me […]


Why.   So you might have noticed an increase in content around here recently. I’ve finally redesigned my portfolio site and also started this blog. I’ve also started applying for design jobs again. (Which may be why you’re reading this). It’s not a coincidence that all this is happening at the same time. It’s because […]

Van Gogh and Mrs Wall

Van Gogh and Mrs Wall Recently I had a weekend away in Cardiff. I love Cardiff as a city it’s full of life and lots of little stories about its past. It’s a city where the architecture and skyline really shows off the juxtaposition between its history and its present/ future. From our apartment window […]

Playing Around with Javascript

Playing around with Javascript   So I’ve never considered myself a ‘programmer’ or really even someone who is good at coding. I know HTML and CSS and have a working knowledge of what can be done with other ‘proper’ coding languages. And to be honest when I had to do coding in University I disliked […]

Why I hate Argos

Why I hate Argos. So, I’m sure Argos is fine for some people and maybe other stores are ok but my experience has never been what I want it to be. What I mean by that is that I’ve never visited an Argos and not felt like I was bumbling through the whole experience as […]

No Service

No service. So I’m sat on a train on the way to Bristol on a beautiful sunny Thursday afternoon. I’m on my own and I’ve got my music playing as the Devon hills roll past. I should be fairly content right? Except I keep losing 3G/4G on my phone. I’m aware that this is a […]

Bristol Waterslide

Last summer Bristol decided to introduce a ‘make Sunday’s special’ campaign. The first of these fun Sundays was the park street water slide dubbed ‘park and slide.’ This meant closing off Park Street, a steep hill in Bristol’s city centre and construct a giant water slide down it. I love this idea and went a […]

A Brief Rant On The Future Of Interaction Design

Here’s my reaction to This rant does make a lot of sense and as a bit of an apple fan boy anything that mocks Microsoft I generally agree with. For example I agree that the lack of interaction except ‘sliding a finger on glass’ seems unfulfilling. I also agree that everyday objects in the real […]