No Service

No service So I’m sat on a train on the way to Bristol on a beautiful sunny Thursday afternoon. I’m on my own and I’ve got my music playing as the Devon hills roll past. I should be fairly content right? Except I keep losing 3G/4G on my phone. I’m aware that this is a […]

Bristol Waterslide

Last summer Bristol decided to introduce a ‘make Sunday’s special’ campaign. The first of these fun Sundays was the park street water slide dubbed ‘park and slide.’ This meant closing off Park Street, a steep hill in Bristol’s city centre and construct a giant water slide down it. I love this idea and went a […]

A Brief Rant On The Future Of Interaction Design

Here’s my reaction to This rant does make a lot of sense and as a bit of an apple fan boy anything that mocks Microsoft I generally agree with. For example I agree that the lack of interaction except ‘sliding a finger on glass’ seems unfulfilling. I also agree that everyday objects in the real […]