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My name is Dave. I’m a user experience and web designer based in the South West. Have a look through my website and feel free to drop me a message or follow me on Twitter.

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My Work

Here’s some of my work

Pub Template

Design – Build – Vector

This is another template design I have done. This one was for a pub. I wanted a trendy yet friendly feel to it and again wanted a very strong call to action for the user. I went for an image of a smiling bar staff member and then greyed it out to make it out of focus for the user. The gold box covering this image becomes the focus. As this is a template and the image would change I had to use CSS to desaturate the image instead of just Photoshop. I also got to do more vector work with this.

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Coffee Shop Template

Design – Build – Branding

This is a template I’ve done for a coffee shop. I wanted something with a striking header image and then a very clear single call to action to bring them into the site. The idea of the site is that you can order online. I also did all the vector icons as the logo for this. Which improved my illustrator skills and got me thinking outside of just “web design.”

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Plymouth Student Lets

Design – Build – Vector

This is a site I did working for an agency. The client needed a way to advertise their properties to students without paying Right Move or a similar third party. After gathering insights from the client about their users and what key things they knew their demographic would be interested in I designed and built this website. It presents the clients properties with key information highlighted with icons. As they’re based in Plymouth I used the Smeaton Tower as the header image and repeated in vector format in the footer. The client liked this idea so much they asked me to create a vector of one of their properties for the other side of the footer. The client has had a positive response to the site, and mixed with a PPC campaign they have noticed an increase in conversion.
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Business Card Template

Design – Build – Mobile First

This was a template for a business card style site that the agency wanted to use. This was built so that the client would be able to log into he CMS and change most aspects of the site. I also designed this site to be mobile first. I considered where the various call to action buttons should be when a user would be viewing the site on a mobile device.
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Tristan Adams – Photographer

WordPress – Build – User Journey

This was an update to a freelance design I had previously done for the client. The client had found a template that they liked the look and feel of and I modified it slightly to suit their purpose as well as crate a more unique look than the standard one. The client is really happy with the outcome and uses this as their portfolio and customer touch point. It’s also fully responsive to be displayed on various devices.
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Social Pairing – Energy app

Research – Prototyping – UX

During my time at University I was tasked with creating a prototype that was based around behavioural change. Due to my previous job at an energy company I chose to try and get users to use less energy. I conducted research and interviews and designed an app that pairs you with a stranger to save energy. The idea was that social pressures would incentivise people far more than if they had nobody to let down. The final product is a wire frame prototype that’s converted to a PDF as well as the accompanying research paper.
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My Skills

Here’s some of my skills

UX design:

My main focus and career goal is User Experience design. I design my websites from this, user first, point of view. I try to understand the mindset of the user within the context of how they’ll use the product I’m designing.

Digital design:

I use a variety of different tools in my designs. Recently I’ve settled on a workflow that utilises much of the Adobe CC software. I do most of my designs in XD and then use Illustrator and Photoshop to help make those designs more bespoke. I also have experience with Balsamiq and Axure for wire framing.

Front end design:

I have excellent knowledge of HTML5 and CSS as well as SCSS. I’ve used a few different CMS’s, Including WordPress. I also have a small amount of JQuery and Javascript knowledge although I’m not an expert.

User research:

I have a lot of experience observing and teaching users as well as gathering insights and requirements from clients. I have some experience of using alternative methods of user interviews as well as transcribing interviews.


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