About Me

Hey! Let me give you a quick back story of me.


I’m a user experience and web designer living in south Devon. I grew up here but moved to Bristol for University then came back.


Leaving school all I wanted to do was animation. I was obsessed with stop frame animation and made a lot of short videos using blue-tack to make characters. I went to South Devon College to do this properly and the course had a web design module that I wasn’t really looking forward to. MY obsession with animation calmed down a bit and as it turned out, I loved web design. The idea of writing HTML and CSS and something appearing online was magic to me and I was hooked from then on.


I did at foundation degree in Creative Digital Media at the same college that I had studied animation at and then went to the University of the West of England to get my Bsc in Web Design.


Here is where I discovered the specific branch of web design I wanted to settle in, user experience design. The idea that research and testing meant that you could influence how and if someone used a product was the same magic that I felt when I first learned HTML years earlier. It allowed me to see the world differently and suddenly I was noticing how people interacted with the world in far greater detail. I was overcome with a want to make the world a nicer place to be in and UX design now seemed like the obvious pathway to do so.


My degree came to an end and I graduated with a 2:1 and moved back to Devon. I got a job at a phone shop and have been there ever since. I only meant to stay for 3 months but I’ve settled in there now. A large part of the job is helping people use their new technology and so I still get to come at these problems with a UX designer’s mind set. I still do design projects on the side and am keeping an eye out for more permanent positions.


My aim is to work for a design company and be surrounded with the ‘design industry’, which is definitely something I miss from University.


So that’s the short story of me.


If you’ve got any questions or comments drop me a message on my contact page, or if you’d like to read more of my rambling check out my blog.