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Playing Around with Javascript

Playing around with Javascript   So I've never considered myself a 'programmer' or really even someone who is good at coding. I know HTML and CSS and have a working knowledge of what can be done with other 'proper' coding languages. And to be honest when I had to do coding in University I disliked it a lot. However, in an effort to keep my web design skills fresh I set out to learn a bit of Javascript and then make something in it. I decided that a kind of 'guess who' style game would be simple enough but also test the boundaries of what i can do in Javascript.   I planned it all out and it took me all day to create. But I have a working version that allows the user to select and un-selected characters once they have been guessed as well as gives the player a random character from an array to play with.   The code itself isn't pretty and I'm sure there is far easier ways to do the things I have done, but its a start. and the most 'coding' I've done since University.  

heres the link if you want to check it out:

  I may end up doing more coding experiments like this.